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RedMarker Systems’ EdTech Conference Sparks a Revolution in Education Transformation.

RedMarker Systems, a trailblazing force in education technology, has successfully concluded its groundbreaking EdTech Conference, themed “Tech-Driven Education Transformation for Impactful Learning Outcomes.” This exclusive, invite-only event brought together an illustrious gathering of industry leaders, visionaries, and professionals who shared a collective vision of shaping the future of education.

With an array of innovative ideas and transformative solutions, the conference showcased how cutting-edge technologies such as those developed by RedMarker Systems, can revolutionize education and propel it toward new horizons of improved learning outcomes for students, targeted teachers’ training programs, and overall effective management of the education sector.

Gull Zeba - Founder & CEO of RedMarker Systems

Under the visionary leadership of founder and CEO, Ms. Gull Zeba, RedMarker Systems has consistently advocated for a comprehensive, inclusive approach to education facilitated by innovative technological advancements in the field.

The EdTech Conference catalyzed change, addressing the evolving needs and challenges faced by diverse stakeholders, with a particular focus on the digitalization of assessments. This extraordinary gathering emphasized the immense potential of digital tools and solutions in creating a more inclusive educational landscape.

Mr. Yusuf Hussain, a renowned venture capitalist, and startup/ecosystem expert said, “The conference has been a remarkable platform that highlights the intersection of education and technology in Pakistan. It’s inspiring to witness the collective effort of educators, policymakers, and industry leaders in embracing innovation to transform the education landscape.

This conference catalyzes change, fostering collaborations and driving meaningful discussions on how technology can empower our education administrators, teachers, and students and drive educational excellence.”

The conference witnessed a prestigious assemblage of luminaries from Pakistan’s education sector, including eminent representatives including Chairmen of Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education. Their insights shed light on the transformative power of education technology and the impact it can have on shaping the future of learning.

Left to Right: Zulfiqar Ali Qazilbash, Muhammad Shafique Awan, Arif Khan, Fareed Khattak, Dr. Ghulam Ali Mallah, Prof Nazar Hussain

Addressing the panel on the topic of “Inclusion of innovative technology in education: challenges and impact” Mr. Murtaza Zaidi said,

Mr. Murtaza Zaidi - CEO of Cyber Vision International

“As the Founder and CEO of Cyber Vision International, I strongly believe that creating an enabling environment for EdTech startups is pivotal for the growth and advancement of the education sector in Pakistan. It is crucial to provide support and resources to startups, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. Local investors play a vital role in this ecosystem, as their support can fuel the scalability of these startups, leading to sustainable and impactful solutions.”

Mr. Zarar Hasham Khan, Chief Business Services Officer, PTCL, also talked about the need to foster meaningful partnerships between the private and the public sector. Addressing the panel, he said,

Mr. Zarar Hasham Khan, Chief Business Services Officer, PTCL“We recognize the power of meaningful partnerships and collaborations to drive innovation and growth. We are committed to providing an enabling environment for startups and private companies, particularly in the EdTech sector. As Pakistan’s largest telecommunication company, PTCL is well-positioned to support EdTech companies by offering our robust cloud services. By hosting them on the PTCL cloud, we aim to empower these companies with reliable infrastructure, scalability, and security, enabling them to focus on their core mission of transforming education.”

Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Qazilbash, senior tech entrepreneur and advisor to the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, shared his enthusiasm for the conference, stating, “It is highly commendable to see education leaders recognizing the need to digitalize assessments across the country to improve standards, bring parity across different regions and areas and greatly improve student learning outcomes through EdTech solutions.”

Throughout the event, stimulating discussions, and dynamic presentations, transformed the atmosphere, igniting a shared commitment to advancing education, empowerment, and multifaceted social development across Pakistan.

Dr. Ghulam Ali Mallah, CEO and Secretary of Inter Boards Coordination Commission, also commended the conference, saying,

Dr. Ghulam Ali Mallah, CEO and Secretary of Inter Boards Coordination Commission

“Embracing EdTech solutions in the assessment sector of Pakistan is not just a choice but a necessity. It is high time we recognize the transformative power of technology to revolutionize education. By incorporating these innovative tools, we can achieve the desired results, enhance student learning outcomes, elevate education standards, and revolutionize teaching methodologies.”

Ms. Gull Zeba, founder, and CEO of RedMarker Systems, expressed her gratitude to all attendees, stating, “We are humbled by the presence of esteemed professionals like yourself, whose participation has been instrumental in making this conference a resounding success. Your invaluable contributions have inspired us to redouble our efforts in revolutionizing education and creating a brighter future for learners everywhere.”

The EdTech Conference heralds a new era in education, where technology is harnessed to transcend boundaries and unlock the full potential of learners. RedMarker Systems remains committed to spearheading the transformation of education through innovation and collaboration and looks forward to building upon the momentum generated by this remarkable event.

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