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“We strongly believe that our next step towards enhancing the quality of our assessments is moving towards Online-Onscreen marking of exams to improve transparency, reliability, and accuracy of our results”

Nasrullah Khan Yousafzai

Chairman, BISE-Peshawar

“Thanks to RedMarker Systems who introduced us to the concept of digital assessments. We request RedMarker Systems to extend this training session to at least two weeks. We will also submit a proposal to our government for implementation of these solutions in GB as it will surely help improve the standard of education in our area.”

Asst. Director Examination

Arif Ali Khan - BISE Peshawar Controller

“Being an educational professional, I find myself extremely fortunate to be witnessing and also be a part of the start of a shift to a new paradigm in Pakistan’s educational sector in the form of Online-Onscreen marking”

Arif Ali Khan

Controller Examination, BISE-Peshawar

“I am thankful to RedMarker Systems and ALIGHT for the training they arranged. I will try that what I learned during this training session is implemented in my institute. I got this opportunity to learn how to upgrade our assessment process to improve the quality of education in our area.”

Afshan Nasir

Instructor, E-marker

“With the help of RedMarker Systems’ assessment products, we will be able to digitalize assessments for schools in rural areas under the umbrella of Ghazali Education Trust and bring them at par with model or private school chains, while improving their overall performance.”

Syed Amir Mehmood Jafri

Director-Ghazali Education Trust (GET)

“The training we received for RedMarker products is valuable, especially for the female e-markers, as we can now remotely perform exam marking from our home. It is not only an innovative solution for exam markers but also a means of women empowerment in the country”



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