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Farda – Self Assessment App

Revolutionize Students Learning With Farda: The Online Assessment Platform

Farda online mobile-based assessment platform is an ideal solution for online assessments and evaluation in education. Our online self-assessment application is designed to make the assessment process much simpler and more efficient.  The app offers access to relevant features and modules to all stakeholders including students, parents, and teachers. Students can have access to tests, results, and leaderboards, parents can access performance reviews, and teachers can access features related to class creation and exam dispensing. In-app analytics help teachers review students’ performance. It is a complete solution for students’ academic progress for all concerned.

The goal of our online assessment platform is to encourage learners to become more actively engaged in their own learning by taking part in learning activities tailored to their individual needs.

With Farda, online assessments for students will not more a difficult task. Students can take mock exams, practice exam questions, and gain valuable feedback on descriptive questions specifically to evaluate performance. This special feature of feedback on descriptive questions helps students identify areas where they may lack understanding and focus on those specific topics until mastery is achieved.

Our online self-assessment application makes it easy for teachers to assess students’ knowledge and understanding of topics quickly, efficiently, and accurately. With Farda, educators can gain valuable insights into the learning levels of their students. They can use this information to make improvements and accelerate the assessment of educational goals achieved.

How Does Farda Work?

Assessment is really important in education and we can’t emphasize its significance enough. Farda provides a comprehensive online mobile-based self-assessment platform for students to evaluate their learning and understanding of various subjects. The platform is designed to simplify the approach toward assessments. The following is a step-by-step explanation of how the assessment process works:

  • Classroom Management: Teachers can manage classes for specific subjects and grades, control student access, and generate class links to share with students. This enables students to join classrooms and participate in class-specific assessments.
  • Assessment Generation: Teachers and students can generate assessments by selecting different controls such as subject, assessment type, question complexity, number of questions, time to complete, and topics to be tested. The assessment formats can be mocks, self-assessments, or traditional evaluations.
  • Evaluation and Feedback: The answers are evaluated by teachers, who then provide feedback and grades to the students. Teachers have access to student performance dashboards that show performance at multiple levels of granularity.
  • Progress Monitoring: Parents and teachers can monitor student progress and performance, to evaluate teaching methods and then improve learning strategies. This feature allows tracking progress based on feedback, specifically on descriptive questions through CRQs, which is not available in other apps.

Understanding the Three User Types of Farda


Students are the primary users of the Farda self-assessment platform. They can participate in mock online exams and self-assessments and answer descriptive questions to gauge their knowledge and understanding of their interests. The platform provides performance analysis, gamification through leaderboards, and descriptive feedback to help students track their learning and improve their skills. 


Teachers are important users of the Farda platform and can track their student’s learning and performance through the app. They can assess and evaluate the descriptive questions answered by students and provide feedback. Teachers can benefit from using the online exam results of these assessments to gauge their teaching practices and optimize for learning accordingly.


Parents need to monitor their children’s learning and performance and Farda is the right platform to actively state engaged in their children’s learning. They can access the results of the self-assessments and descriptive questions to see how their child is progressing and to understand areas where they need additional support. By using the platform, parents stay more involved in their children’s education and help them reach their full potential.

Key Features of Farda

  • Different Exam Types
  • Mocks & Self-Assessments with varying scores and answer visibility

  • Different Question Types
  • Constructed Response Questions, Multiple Choice Questions, Full Papers

  • Multiple levels of performance analysis
  •  Overall student performance KPIs, Subject-specific performance KPIs, Subject-question level performance review.

  • Gamification
  • Class-Subject specific leaderboards, Experience (XP) points accumulation & usage

  • Descriptive Questions & Feedback
  • Capability to dispense descriptive questions and capture student answers for on-screen questions through pictures from phone cameras.

  • Control on Assessment Generation
  • Subject, Assessment Type, Question Complexity, Number of questions, Time to complete, Topics to be tested

    Key Benefits of Farda

    • Encourages self-learning and helps improve knowledge and understanding
    • Enables overcoming learning deficiencies with the ability to undergo exams for targeted topics and components
    • Facilitates learning progress tracking and provides insights for teaching and learning optimization
    • Provides detailed performance reviews for both overall and subject-specific progress
    • The gamification feature helps in increased engagement and keeps students motivated
    • Supports assessment of descriptive questions through CRQs and feedback for deeper learning and assessment
    • Allows a control to the users to create their own assessments based on their preferences
    • The exciting leaderboards nurture healthy competition and boost the morale of students. 
    • When parents and teachers are active stakeholders and work together, they can provide a strong support system for the student, leading to tremendous academic success.


    Farda is a self-assessment platform designed to encourage learners to self-learn and improve their knowledge and understanding of areas of interest.

    The app is meant for students, teachers, and parents.

    Farda offers two types of exams: mock exams and self-assessments. The scores of mock exams are not added to the student's performance, but the answers can be seen before, during, and after solving the questions. On the other hand, the scores of self-assessments are added to the student's performance, and the answers cannot be seen before and during solving the questions.

    The app offers constructed response questions (CRQs), multiple choice questions (MCQs), and full papers.

    Farda provides multiple levels of performance analysis, including overall student performance KPIs, subject-specific performance KPIs, and subject-question level performance reviews.

    The app is equipped with a leaderboard that monitors the accumulation of class-subject-specific rankings and experience (XP) points. Moreover, we have devised a plan to integrate more features in the future.

    The capability to redeem XP points by paying for subject access on the app, the capability to purchase phone credit, and the capability to exchange XP points for discounts on school fees, bookstores, and eateries.

    Farda allows users to answer descriptive questions and access feedback. The app can dispense descriptive questions and capture student answers using an on-screen question and through pictures that require phone cameras.

    The app provides various controls for generating assessments, including subject, assessment type, question complexity, number of questions, time to complete, and topics to be tested.

    Farda suggests relevant topics and components that target weak areas, thus helping to eliminate learning deficiencies.

    Yes, teachers and parents can track individuals’ learning progress on Farda.

    Farda provides feedback on descriptive questions, which is not available in other apps.

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