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rMarker - Online Onscreen Marking Solution

rMarker – Online OnScreen Marking

RedMarker Systems‘ online onscreen marking system “rMarker” is an innovative off-the-shelf solution specifically designed to evaluate answer scripts and their digital copy in a reliable, secure, and efficient way. 

This proprietary e-marking solution saves valuable time and ensures the highest level of anonymity, secrecy, and learning curve development compared to the existing manual marking system. 

rMarker is designed under a multi-level security framework that prevents misuse and mismanagement of legal and official data by any unauthorized personnel. It also rules out any potential security threats to the sensitive data stored in the system.

Key Features

rMarker framework provides a convenient, efficient, and accurate way of giving assessment feedback and grading answer scripts, providing security and collaboration features and automation capabilities; it makes the process streamlined and manageable.

  • Real-time Dashboard
  • A live dashboard provides a snapshot of the entire examination process for better administration controls and a holistic overview. It offers data visualization and statistics, making it easy to identify patterns, trends, and outliers, and giving administrators deeper insights into examination performance.

  • Auto-Masking
  • Auto-masking eliminates the need to manually attach fictitious roll numbers, as our online marking software runs this process automatically. This process allows teachers to grade the work without access to personal student information while maintaining accountability and ensuring each student receives credit for their work.

  • Syndicate Marking
  • The answer script is scanned and electronically distributed question-wise, and a single e-marker never checks all questions of the same student. Multiple e-markers provide a more accurate and consistent grading of students’ answers and help mitigate the potential for bias or human error.

  • Result Generation
  • The result-generation process begins once e-markers have graded the answer scripts. It allows users to quickly and easily generate results by clicking a button rather than manually inputting and searching for the necessary information.

  • Data Analysis
  • Complex data analysis based on the rubric grading system, item tagging, SLOs, (Student Learning Outcomes), etc. A rubric system evaluates a student’s work where a set of criteria assign a score to a student’s answer to a question. Item tagging assigns keywords or labels to individual questions or items in an examination. SLOs define what students should know or be able to accomplish during a course or program.

  • Blind Re-checking
  • Automatic and blind re-checking of questions by Head Examiners helps to ensure marking quality. This process automatically and anonymously re-checks a random sample of questions marked by the e-markers.

    A predetermined percentage of questions are sent for remarking to senior marker. If the difference between the marker’s marks and the senior marker is above the threshold.  The marker is flagged to the head examiner.

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    Key Benefits of rMarker

    Efficiently mark and score objective questions and short answer scripts automated by our marking system, making it precise, user-friendly, safe, and efficient. The marking of descriptive questions is rubric based and carried out by human markers. 

    The solution’s key benefits are as follows:

  • Rubric-Based Marking
  • Allows the system to calculate grades based on predetermined criteria and weightings i.e. rubric, enhancing the marking reliability.

  • Efficient Monitoring
  • Monitors the e-markers’ performance efficiently by comparing marks awarded by e-marker and senior e-marker on the same answer paper.

  • Cost Effective
  • Decreases costs involved in manual checking, masking, data entry, and marking centers.

  • Standardization
  • Enhances marking quality as standardization is maintained through rubric-based marking.

  • Remote Access
  • Enables remotely administered grading of assignments and exams from anywhere, reducing the amount of paper used and ultimately saving resources.

  • Quick Evaluation
  • Evaluates students’ work quickly through optical mark recognition, text recognition, machine learning algorithms, rubric, and automation of repetitive tasks.

  • Review & Feedback
  •  Follows a full review and feedback mechanism and a notification center.

  • Error-Free
  • Advanced security features & automation of the result generation process reduce human dependency and ensure quality data.

  • Un-Biased Marking
  • Removes bias from marking papers online for syndicate marking and auto-masking features.

  • Security
  • Ensures student data’s integrity and confidentiality through encryption, password protection, role-based access control, and regular backups.

  • Transparency
  • Provides a clear understanding of how the marks were awarded and enable multiple markers to review work, reducing potential bias.

  • Fully Customizable
  • Allows for creating custom rubrics, automation of repetitive tasks, and integration with other modules and systems of assessment solutions

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Onscreen Marking (OSM) system is a robust solution for assessing tests on computer monitors. The marking and scoring of descriptive answer scripts are automated by the onscreen marking system, making it precise, user-friendly, safe, and effective.

    The onscreen marking system typically allows educators to upload student work, such as written essays or multiple-choice tests, and then use the tool to mark and grade the assignment. The tool may also include features such as commenting, highlighting, and the ability to assign a grade or score

    Yes, we provide the training and assist educators in learning how to use the tool. We also offer free training sessions or webinars to support educators in getting started.

    Yes, rMarker has a feature that allows students to view their marks and receive feedback from their educators.

    The rMarker can be integrated with other educational tools, such as learning management systems (LMS) or student information systems (SIS). It can make it easy for educators to access student data and assignments and for student data to flow seamlessly between systems.

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