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Our Digital Assessment Products

Cutting-edge Online Assessment Tools

RedMarker Systems is the leading company providing the best EdTech software and innovative online assessment tools in Pakistan, primarily digital assessment solutions for transforming the assessment lifecycle. Our distinctly secure and reliable services can be customized according to our client’s requirements. We provide an end-to-end platform for completely digitalizing the assessment lifecycle, which includes a test generator tool, an e-marking tool, an online computer-based testing tool and an app for online assessments.

Our Products


rTestGen offers a complete digital item development, item bank creation, and paper generation solution. Its advanced features and intuitive interface simplify the process of creating and managing assessments, making it easier for educators and professionals to develop and deliver high-quality assessments. Learn More


rMarker provides a complete emarking solution that makes it easy to grade and evaluate digital and scanned documents and exams. We streamline the marking process by facilitating on-screen marking for educators and professionals to grade more efficiently and accurately, saving time and improving the quality of their assessments. Learn More


rCBT, computer-based testing, enables organizations to deliver digital assessments with proctoring controls. With this, users can confidently create and provide online exams, knowing that the integrity of the evaluation is maintained with advanced proctoring and authentication measures throughout the process. Learn More


Farda is a self-assessment app that allows teachers, students, and other professionals to evaluate their skills and abilities. The app provides personalized feedback and suggests areas for improvement, helping individuals to identify their strengths and development opportunities.
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Transform Traditional Assessment System to Online Assessment System

Moving from traditional systems to online assessment systems can offer several benefits, including increased convenience, accessibility, and efficiency. Our online assessment tools for students allow individuals to take assessments from any location with an internet connection, and results can be automatically recorded and analyzed. It simplifies the assessment process for educators, trainers, and other professionals to evaluate their students’ or trainees’ progress and performance.

Why RedMarker’s Online Assessment Tools?

We provide valuable features in our assessment tools for quickly and accurately analyzing the quality of online assessments. By putting in the necessary time, research, and effort, we create assessments that genuinely measure an individual’s knowledge and skills and are aligned with real-world learning objectives. 

The features provided in our online assessment tools and solutions help ensure that assessments are fair, reliable, and valid, providing valuable insights for educators and learners.


By leveraging innovative technology, we address the challenges of remoteness and bring people together in meaningful ways through digitalization. We are working to provide digital assessment tools to address the issues of remoteness through digitalizing the assessment system.

 We have served multiple organizations and boards in the e-marking of examination papers. The quality of our services ensures the reliability of our systems. We provide endeavoured digital solutions to give an error-free experience to our clients.

Automated backups are taken at regular intervals to ensure minimum data loss in case of human error, software corruption, computer viruses, hardware damage, etc. and to improve the efficiency and reliability of our solution.


Our online assessment tools are innovative as they provide a great opportunity to rethink and revolutionize how we assess knowledge and skills. By incorporating new technologies and approaches in our solutions and tools, we have developed mechanisms for more engaging and effective assessments to measure an individual’s true capabilities. This helps improve evaluations’ accuracy and make the assessment process more meaningful for test takers.


At RedMarker Systems, quality is ensured throughout the process of developing solutions. We strive to create digital skill assessments that give accurate and reliable results along with engaging, and meaningful assessments. We developed our solutions in line with the guiding principles of Quality assurance to achieve functional suitability, reliability, operability, performance efficiency, security, compatibility, maintainability, and transferability.

Security and Transparency

Our solutions are developed focusing on the importance of maintaining security and complete transparency to promote fairness and combat potential malpractices or corruption in the assessment process. By openly presenting the designing, administration, and scoring of assessments, we can guarantee that the results are unbiased and accurate. 

 Our solutions include an audit trail reporting feature and detailed reports for administrators, ensuring compliance with security standards and providing documented evidence of successful audits.

 Following are some of the system audit reports that are available in our solutions:

  • Login activity
  • Administrator actions trail report
  • Data access and modification trails
  • Accepted and denied firewall connections
  • System events report segregated based on event severity
  • Web server activity report
  • Active directory changes report
  • User behavior anomalies report

What’s Unique About RedMarker Systems’ Solutions?


The reliability of our online assessment tools is an important aspect of its effectiveness. by ensuring that the tool generates accurate, consistent, and dependable results, we  guarantee that the assessments conducted are fair and unbiased and results generated are accurate. Users can rely to measures students’ knowledge and skills for making decisions based on the results of the assessments.


The integrity of our digital assessment tools is important to its reliability and effectiveness. We ensure that the assessments conducted using our online assessment tool are free from bias, corruption, and misconduct. Maintaining the tool’s integrity is crucial for building trust and confidence in the assessment process.

Our solutions act as digital literacy assessment tool, and are reliable for checking and grading assessments. Advanced algorithms and technologies are utilized to evaluate student work quality accurately.


Our digital tool for assessment offers a user-friendly interface, quick and accurate scoring, and responsive customer support to ensure users’ seamless and satisfying experiences. It is designed with its customers’ needs and preferences in mind and continuously works to improve its services based on customer feedback.


Resource: Ebook [RedMarker Systems Brochure]

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Online assessment tools in education have been scientifically developed to assist recruiters in evaluating aptitude, cognitive capacity, communication, and many other qualities. These technologies provide auto-evaluation, report generating, and even grading functions that speed up the usually lengthy hiring process.

There are several reasons why online assessment software has become necessary in recent times. Some of the main ones include:

  1. Convenience: Online assessment software allows students to take assessments from anywhere, at any time, as long as they have an internet connection. This is particularly useful for students who cannot physically attend a test or exam due to distance, illness, or other reasons.
  2. Increased accessibility: It can make it easier for students with disabilities to take tests, as the software may offer features such as text-to-speech or the ability to adjust the font size and color.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: It can be less expensive to administer than traditional paper-and-pencil tests, as they do not require the printing and distributing of test materials.
  4. Improved security: It can offer advanced security measures to prevent cheating and ensure the integrity of the testing process.
  5. Greater flexibility: It allows educators to create, administer, and grade tests more efficiently, which can save time and allow them to focus on other tasks.

Enhanced data collection and analysis: It can provide detailed data on student performance, which can be used to improve instruction and track progress over time.

Teachers, students and professionals use this tool. Teachers are specified in this tool as e-markers. It has a complete guide for e-markers. There are also free training programs for the teachers who want to register them for e-marking.

Yes, through the amazing services and digital tools of assessment provided by the RedMarker systems, students and teachers can benefit as it generates exams or any assessment, which includes such item banks based on all three main pillars of taxonomy i.e. cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domain.

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