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Pakistan’s First Computer Based Test in Board Exams

RedMarker Systems’ Revolutionary Role in Introducing Computer Based Test in Board Exams via BISE Mardan


In a significant milestone for Pakistan’s education sector, RedMarker Systems has spearheaded a transformative shift in assessment methodologies through the adoption of Computer Based Test and online testing (CBT and OET) in partnership with the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) Mardan. This transition marks a progressive step towards enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and sustainability in the education system.

Pakistan's First Computer Based Test in Board Exams

The Evolution of Assessment: From Paper to Pixels

Embracing Computer Based Test – Technological Advancements

The integration of Computer Based Test into Pakistan’s education system represents a pivotal advancement, signaling the nation’s commitment to embracing technological innovations in learning and evaluation. By partnering with BISE Mardan, RedMarker Systems has pioneered the adoption of digital assessment methods, setting a precedent for other educational institutions across the country.

RedMarker Systems’ Collaboration with BISE Mardan: A Historic Milestone

Leading the Way Towards Digital Transformation

The collaborative efforts between RedMarker Systems and BISE Mardan have resulted in a historic milestone with the successful implementation of Pakistan’s first-ever computer-based and online tests in a board exam setting. This achievement underscores the progressive vision of educational authorities and highlights the potential for technology to revolutionize assessment practices in the region.

BISE Mardan - RedMarker Systems

The Advantages of Computer Based Test and Paperless Exams

Enhancing Accessibility, Efficiency, and Sustainability

The transition to computer-based and online testing offers a multitude of benefits, including enhanced accessibility, streamlined administration processes, and improved accuracy in evaluations. By eliminating the need for physical paper, BISE Mardan has significantly reduced its environmental footprint, contributing to sustainability efforts while providing students with equitable access to quality education.


In conclusion, the collaborative efforts between RedMarker Systems and BISE Mardan represent a significant milestone in Pakistan’s educational landscape, marking a transformative shift towards digitalization and innovation. By embracing computer-based and online testing, BISE Mardan has demonstrated its commitment to providing students with equitable access to quality education while paving the way for a more efficient, accurate, and sustainable assessment system. As we celebrate this historic achievement, let us continue to foster collaborative partnerships and invest in technological advancements to shape a brighter future for education in Pakistan and beyond.

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