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Pakistani Startups at GITEX 2023

Pakistani Startups Shine Bright at GITEX Expand North Star 2023

Dubai, UAE – October 18, 2023 – The world recently witnessed Pakistan’s tech startups embark on an extraordinary journey through the heart of innovation at GITEX Expand North Star 2023. Dr. Umar Saif, Federal Minister for IT & Telecom, proudly made this significant announcement, setting the stage for an international showcase of groundbreaking technology and cultural exchange. From October 15th to 18th, this remarkable event not only unveiled Pakistan’s thriving tech startup landscape but also shed light on the nation’s immense entrepreneurial potential.

The Pakistan Pavilion: A Gateway to Innovation:

The Pakistan Pavilion at GITEX Expand North Star was thoughtfully designed by Ignite and stood as a welcoming gateway to a diverse array of innovative tech startups from Pakistan. The inauguration of this Pavilion was graced by H.E Muhammad Hussain, Counselor General of Pakistan Embassy UAE, Mr. Muhammad Zohaib Khan, Chairman PASHA, and Mr. Adeel Aijaz Shaikh, GM Ignite. Their presence emphasized the significance of this gathering of tech innovators from Pakistan.

Ignite’s Collaboration with Distinguished Dignitaries

In collaboration with these esteemed dignitaries, Ignite showcased ten remarkable tech startups at its GITEX Expand North Star Pavilion. These startups represented diverse industries, spanning from education to gaming. Among them, four startups, including RedMarker Systems, managed to secure a spot in the semifinals of the prestigious ‘Supernova Challenge’ at GITEX 2023.

RedMarker Systems: A Beacon of Excellence

One of the outstanding companies that graced the Pakistan Pavilion during GITEX 2023 was RedMarker Systems. This innovative startup proudly showcased Pakistan’s technological prowess at the international innovation showcase. RedMarker Systems, a leader in the field of education technology, has achieved remarkable milestones that underscore its unwavering commitment to excellence.

RedMarker Systems - EdTech Company in Pakistan

Revolutionizing Education Technology

RedMarker Systems’ presence at GITEX 2023 wasn’t merely a representation of Pakistan’s tech capabilities; it was a testament to their incredible achievements in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in education technology. They have brought about a revolution in the assessment process in education, significantly impacting over half a million students and e-marking an astonishing 40 million questions, including 43 million images.

A Global Commitment to Excellence

RedMarker Systems’ dedication to excellence and its remarkable milestones in the education sector highlights its commitment to shaping the future of education, not just in Pakistan but on a global scale. As RedMarker Systems continues to innovate and push the boundaries of what’s possible in education technology, the future of learning and assessment in Pakistan and beyond looks promising.

Inspiration for the Global Tech Community:

The achievements of RedMarker Systems at GITEX 2023 serve as an inspiration for the global tech community, showcasing the immense potential of tech startups from Pakistan.


GITEX Expand North Star 2023 has proven to be a platform where Pakistan’s tech startups have demonstrated their innovative capabilities and potential to the world. Among these remarkable startups, RedMarker Systems’ journey and achievements stand as a testament to the country’s dedication to excellence and commitment to shaping the future of education technology. As Pakistan’s tech ecosystem continues to evolve, it is clear that the nation’s startups are on the path to greatness, ready to shine on the global stage.

For more information about RedMarker Systems, please visit the RedMarker Systems website.

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