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Transforming Education Through Meaningful Assessments
Meaningful assessments help educators in providing detailed insights. These insights then enable learners to reach their fullest potential.
Let's Digitalize Education
Our goal is to digitalize education and make learning more fun and engaging for everyone. We believe that technology can make a huge difference in the way we learn and how we are assessed.
Modernizing Assessment Lifecycle
Education is evolving and with that our assessment practices should too. Learn how technology can modernize the assessment lifecycle and improve student learning outcomes.
Remote, Scalable and Reliable Products
With scalable products, we want to balance the load, allowing you to control server tasks and update for improvement with high security and affordability. The remote availability of services makes it highly flexible, cost-effective, and adaptable.

What is RedMarker Systems?

RedMarker Systems is a Pakistan-based EdTech company that is leading the way in the digitalization of the assessment lifecycle. Our goal is to become a leading technology company, demonstrating prowess in the development of innovative technological products. With the help of our skilled and experienced team, we've acquired a client base to implement our products successfully. We're continuously expanding our product offerings to create an end-to-end assessment platform.

Our Products


“rTestGen” is a state-of-the-art item banking software that is designed considering the functionalities and necessities of a modern item bank. It allows for an in-application question tagging system and canvas to write items. The system design enables the generation of multilingual items in English, Urdu, Arabic, and Sindhi, etc...


The online on-screen marking solution "rMarker” is an innovative off-the-shelf solution designed to evaluate descriptive & objective answer booklets in a reliable, secure, and efficient manner. “rMarker” ensures a higher level of anonymity, secrecy, and learning curve development, as compared to the existing system of marking exams manually...


rAssess is a self-assessment platform that is developed with the purpose to ensure deep and effective learning. This app is designed to encourage learners to engage in self-learning in order to improve their knowledge and understanding of areas of their interests. Learning deficiencies can be eliminated by suggesting relevant topics and components that target weak areas....


rCBT is an online platform that allows institutions to create, administer, conduct, and grade computer-based online exams securely. It has several features, including home-based assessments and on-premises exams. Institutions can conduct examinations for examinees using this platform from any remote location...

Our Achievements

Our Achievements

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