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Leading Digital Assessments Solution Provider in Pakistan
Meaningful assessments help educators in providing detailed insights. These insights then enable learners to reach their fullest potential.
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Trusted by Pakistan’s Top Institutions and Organizations
With a reputation as the top provider of digital examination management system software and solutions in Pakistan, RedMarker Systems has earned the trust of the country's top institutions and organizations, setting a new standard for education technology in the region.
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Leading Digital Assessments Solution Provider in Pakistan
With the integration of AI into our digital tools for assessment, RedMarker has made the process of evaluating students more accurate, efficient, and practical. The distinguished features of the solution allow teachers and students to focus on improvised teaching and learning methodologies.
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Powered by the Latest Ed-Tech, the Digital Assessment Tools
RedMarker Systems is here to revolutionize the assessment lifecycle with its cutting-edge digital assessment tools. Powered by the latest ed-tech, these solutions are transforming how students and teachers participate in assessment processes.
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RedMarker Systems, Digitalizing Education with Innovative Ed-Technology Solutions

RedMarker Systems is a Pakistan-based EdTech company that is leading the way in the digitalization of the assessment lifecycle. Our goal is to become a leading technology company, demonstrating prowess in the development of innovative technological products. With the help of our skilled and experienced team, we've acquired a client base to implement our products successfully. We're continuously expanding our product offerings to create an end-to-end assessment platform.

Our Digital Assessment Tools and Platforms​

Our products are designed to redefine the assessment lifecycle and examination system catering to the needs of various types of assessments in education. Our team is geared up to implement online digital tools for assessment in the education sector. 

All of the connected modules of our solutions are functionally integrated with our single sign-on capability. Our web-based solutions are designed to run on all web browsers, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.


rTestGen is a state-of-the-art item bank program created with the features and requirements of a modern item bank in consideration. It supports a canvas for writing objects and a question-tagging system within the interface. The system's interface allows users to create multilingual items in Sindhi, English, Urdu, and other languages. Our product's capacity to integrate any other international language into the software is one of its potential advantages.


The unique off-the-shelf "rMarker" online on-screen marking system from RedMarker Systems is developed specifically to evaluate answer scripts and digital copy in a reliable, safe, and effective manner. This ed-tech-based e-marking technique saves time and provides anonymity, secrecy, and learning curve development over traditional marking. rMarker is designed under a multi-level security framework that ensures the highest level of anonymity for student testing services and employment testing services.


rAssess is an online mobile-based self-assessment application that promotes efficient learning. It supports e-assessments in education and advances understanding and comprehension in specialized fields. rAssess aids in the eradication of learning gaps by providing individualized recommendations for pertinent subjects and topics. Teachers, parents, and students can track progress on assessments and learning outcomes. Through leaderboards, healthy competition among peers is encouraged. Learning deficiencies can be eliminated by suggesting relevant topics and components that target weak areas....


rCBT is a computer-based secure online test management system for creating, administering, conducting, and grading computer-based exams. It allows institutions to conduct exams remotely, at designated locations with authentication measures. The platform has eased the transparency of online assessments for students and institutions. It also offers various proctoring controls, including one-to-one, one-to-many, and AI-based options, to ensure transparency and convenience for the examination management system. Institutions can conduct examinations for examinees using this platform from any remote location...

Transforming the Assessment and Evaluation system for Higher Education system​

We are a team of educators, technologists, and innovators that are passionate about digitalizing various types of assessment procedures in education to upgrade the conventional evaluation and grading system using education technology

Our focus is on transforming the role of assessment and evaluation in higher education by automating assessment processes and systems, from item development to examination generation, the conduct of examination, evaluation, and self-assessment for students.

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Our Cutting-Edge Assessment Tools with Redmarker Systems!

RedMarker Systems offers free training for online assessment tools to teachers who meet specified criteria and qualifications. 

For more information on the training, reach out to RedMarker Systems.

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We are capable of providing an end-to-end platform for the complete digitalization of the e-assessment in the education lifecycle. Currently, we are providing examination management software that includes on-screen marking and item bank development solutions. Our products are highly secure, and reliable and can be customized according to the requirements of our clients.

rTestGen is a state-of-the-art item banking software that is designed considering the functionalities and necessities of a modern item bank. The system design enables the generation of multilingual items in English, Urdu, Arabic, Sindhi, etc One of the promising features of our product is the ability to incorporate any other international language into the software solution.

rAssess is an online self-assessment tool that helps improve learning efficiency. It provides personalized recommendations for subjects and tracks progress for teachers, parents, and students. It supports e-assessment in education and advances understanding and comprehension in specialized fields.

rMarker is a secure and efficient e-marking solution for evaluating answer scripts and digital copy. It saves time and ensures anonymity while providing a high level of security to prevent the misuse of sensitive data.

rCBT has features to conduct examinations Home-based evaluations and on-site examinations. Institutions may conduct assessments from any remote location, including designated locations with the required authentication measures to preserve the integrity and equity of the examinations.

RedMarker Systems offers free training for online assessment tools to teachers who meet specified criteria and qualifications.

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