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Unique Features about RMS

Unique Features Of RedMarker Systems' Products

“Technology in the right hands is transformational”

Innovative & Customizable

RedMarker Systems is an innovative EdTech company, pioneering Digital Assessment Solutions in Pakistan, leading the way to the digital transformation of examination and assessment processes in the education sector. We are determined to bring meaningful digitalization to the education sector and bridge the gaps in the manual examination system.

Our solutions can be customized as per the requirements of our valued clients. Functionalities, modules, and security features can be modified according to clients’ demands.

Secure & Transparent

The layered architecture of our secure system renders it to be safe from leakage or any misuse of data. There are multiple checkpoints to ensure a secure environment for data safety.

Our solutions support audit trail reporting and provide a set of comprehensive reports to the administrator fulfilling this essential requirement along with the evidence of passed security audits.

Following is some of the system audit reports that are available in our solutions:

  • Login activity
  • Administrator actions trail report
  • Data access and modification trails
  • Accepted and denied firewall connections
  • System events report segregated based on event severity
  • Webserver activity report
  • Active Directory Changes report
  • User Behavior Anomalies report

Remote & Reliable

We are working to provide digital assessment solutions to address the issues of remoteness through the digitalization of the assessment system.

We have served multiple organizations and boards in the e-marking of examination papers. The quality of our services ensures the reliability of our systems. We provide tried and tested digital solutions to give an error-prone experience to our clients.

To improve the efficiency and reliability of our solutions, automated backups are taken at regular intervals to ensure minimum data loss in case of human error, software corruption, computer viruses, hardware damage, etc.

Quality Assurance

RedMarker Systems has developed all its software solutions by ensuring industry standards as well as implementing international best practices. All our solutions are secure from cyber and other threats. The system is continuously optimized to give a smooth and efficient experience.

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