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rTestGen - Digital Item Development, Item Bank, And Paper Generation Solution

rTestGen is a state-of-the-art item banking software that is designed considering the functionalities and necessities of a modern item bank. It allows for an in-application question tagging system and canvas to write items. The system design enables the generation of multilingual items in English, Urdu, Arabic, and Sindhi, etc One of the promising features of our product is the ability to incorporate any other international language into the software solution.

rTestGen is capable of deciphering passages, tables, charts, plots, and diagrams in all relevant question types including:

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Restricted Response Questions
  • True/False
  • Match the Columns
  • Extended Response Questions
  • Constructed Response Questions
  • Oral Questions/Items

It also allows for attaching multiple items to a single article like a single reading passage, picture, graph, chart, statement, etc.

Key Features

  • Item tagging
  • Items are tagged according to the National Curriculum (or any other education policy document provided by the client), Blooms Taxonomy, and Hess Cognitive Levels.

  • Item Development
  • Every item developed on rTestGen is thoroughly reviewed by subject specialists/ assessment experts.

  • Similarity Check
  • No two same items can be made part of the item bank as the software checks for similarity before approval.

  • Assessment Framework
  • Criteria for each separate exam can be set based on which items are selected from the item bank.

  • Central Repository
  • For each subject matter, a centralized item bank is developed and maintained.

  • Multiple Paper Generation
  • Based on the assessment framework, multiple papers can be generated for each exam at multiple locations (remotely).

    Key Benefits

  • Standardization
  • All items developed are based on National Curriculum or any other education policy document

  • Rubrics Allocation
  • Rubrics are developed at the time of item writing

  • Remote Access
  • It provides remote access to all users for greater collaboration

  • Review & Feedback
  • It follows a robust review and feedback mechanism along with a notification center.

  • Security
  • Advanced data security features & automation of the process while reducing human dependency ensures secrecy of examination.

  • Anonymity
  • For each exam and its related assessment framework, items are selected randomly to ensure anonymity.