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rMarker – Online On-screen E-Marking Solution

RedMarker Systems online on-screen marking solution called “rMarker” is an innovative off-the-shelf solution specifically designed to evaluate answer scripts and digital copy in a way that is reliable, secure, and efficient. This proprietary e-marking solution not only saves valuable time but also ensures the highest level of anonymity, secrecy, and learning curve development as compared to the existing system of manual marking. 

rMarker is designed under a multi-level security framework that prevents misuse and mismanagement of legal and official data by any unauthorized personnel, and it also rules out any potential security threats to the sensitive data stored in the system.

Key Features

  • Real-time Dashboard
  • A live dashboard that provides a snapshot of the entire examination process for better administration controls and oversight

  • Auto-Masking
  • It eliminates the need to attach fictitious roll numbers manually, as the software runs this process automatically

  • Syndicate Marking
  • Answer script is electronically cut question-wise, and a single e-marker never checks all questions of the same student

  • Result Generation
  • Single-click result generation that can be class, center, city-wise, or the entire gazette.

  • Data Analysis
  • Complex data analysis based on rubric-based marking, item tagging, SLOs, etc.

  • Blind Re-checking
  • Automatic and blind re-checking of questions by Head Examiners to ensure marking quality.

    Key Benefits

  • Standardization
  • Marking quality is enhanced and standardization is maintained through rubrics-based marking.

  • Efficient Monitoring
  • Effective monitoring and oversight of the Head Examiners and Administration.

  • Cost Effective
  • Zero associated costs for masking, data entry, marking centers.

  • Review & Feedback
  • It follows a robust review and feedback mechanism along with a notification center

  • Error-Free
  • Advanced security features & automation of the result generation process while reducing human dependency ensures quality data.

  • Un-Biased Marking
  • Syndicate marking and auto-masking features render the marking process free from partiality and exam malpractices.


    The Onscreen Marking (OSM) system is a robust solution for assessing tests on computer monitors. The marking and scoring of descriptive answer scripts are automated by the onscreen marking system, making it precise, user-friendly, safe, and effective.

    The onscreen marking system typically allows educators to upload student work, such as written essays or multiple-choice tests, and then use the tool to mark and grade the assignment. The tool may also include features such as commenting, highlighting, and the ability to assign a grade or score

    Yes, we provide the training and assist educators in learning how to use the tool. We also offer free training sessions or webinars to support educators in getting started.


    Can students access their marked work through the onscreen marking system?

    Yes, rMarker has a feature that allows students to view their marks and receive feedback from their educators.

    The rMarker can be integrated with other educational tools, such as learning management systems (LMS) or student information systems (SIS). It can make it easy for educators to access student data and assignments and for student data to flow seamlessly between systems.

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