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Higher Education

RedMarker Systems is capable of providing an end-to-end assessment platform that spans each step of the assessment lifecycle, self-assessment, exam generation, exam conduction, remote proctoring, e-marking, and automated result generation. Higher education can opt to digitalize assessments to bridge the gaps to provide access to remote locations and ascend geographical boundaries.

3 reasons to choose RedMarker Systems for Higher Education

Modular Architecture

Our solutions can be used as stand-alone products or can even have the functionality of end-to-end assessment software.

Customizable Solutions

Our services and data banks can be customized to suit each client in the best possible manner.


We have exceptional data security features incorporated into our system to omit any chance of leakage and misuse of data.


RedMarker Systems has developed scalable technology and a vast data bank of questions in different formats. In our system, multiple papers can be generated simultaneously and can be scaled easily to fit recruiters’ requirements. Furthermore, data-bank can be customized according to a specific domain. We are striving to make the digital hiring process easier.

3 reasons to choose RedMarker Systems


Exams can easily be delivered and scaled digitally in our system.

Reduction in Logistic costs

Digital recruitment reduces logistics costs and also eliminates excessive usage of paper for printing answer sheets and assessments.

Prompt Result Generation

The result can be generated in a single click once the answer script is marked.


RedMarker Systems has already developed a continuously updating data bank for K-12. We are proud to acclaim that we have successfully delivered our services to BISE-Peshawar. Our solutions have proved to improve the existing marking and examination system.

3 reasons to choose RedMarker Systems for K-12

Anonymity and Reliability

Our solutions have features to mask the identity of the candidate and thus, all chances of marking malpractices are omitted.


Our digitalized services are effective and efficient. Our solutions save both; time and money.


The use of rubric-based marking makes it impartial. It helps to evaluate each area of an individual’s learning.

Examination Boards

Due to the emerging role of digitalization in every sector of the modern world, there is a dire demand for the incorporation of innovative technology into the education and examination system. The digitalized examination system will lead to micro-level data analysis for better policymaking.

3 reasons to choose RedMarker Systems for Examination Boards

Efficient Administrative Controls

Our solutions eliminate the requirement of an extensive network of administrators; It helps alleviate the administrative burden through digitalized controls.

Micro-level Data Analysis

The results can be summarized and viewed in infographics. This leads to efficient policymaking for decision-makers.


Secure and Fair

We have exceptional data security features incorporated into our system to omit any chance of leakage and misuse of data.

Professional Examination Bodies

Professional examinations are conducted on a large scale to assess the capabilities of an individual in a specific niche. We are here to broaden the scope, and improvise these examination processes through meaningful digitalization. Our digital assessment solutions can minimize the associated logistic costs.

3 reasons to choose RedMarker Systems for Professional Examination Bodies

Customizable Item-bank

Digital item-bank can be customized according to the requirements of the client.

Scalable Technology

Our digital solutions provide the feature of multiple paper generation at multiple locations simultaneously. It can help broaden the scope of examination bodies.

Prompt Result Generation

The result can be generated in a single click as soon as the answer script is marked complete.


RedMarker Systems is developing dedicated solutions for an individual’s self-assessment. Unlike traditional grading, our assessment solutions will evaluate core learning objectives and identify strong and weak areas of an individual’s learning.

3 reasons to choose RedMarker Systems for Students


Our solutions are developed by incorporating the latest technology and are accurate.

User-friendly Interface

The interface of our assessment platform is simple. For further convenience of users, we have plenty of tutorials and demos available.

Remote access

Our system can be accessed online and makes the scope of our services even larger.

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